Custom Home Renovations

Make Your Dream Home A Reality With Custom Home Renovations

Your dream home might not be as difficult to attain as you think. When you hire a design-build team for custom renovations, you’re hiring a team of experienced professionals with many successful builds under their belts and expertise in the latest design trends. As well, when you hire a professional design team you’re getting their

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Well finished home reflects your taste and personality

A home is a place where we relax and enjoy with our family and friends and build everlasting relations ship. It is a place where memories are created and shared. Every moment you spend here fills you with a sense of pride. A home where your dreams come true should be very ideal and perfect

covered patio

4 Questions to Help you Design your Outdoor Kitchen

Though outdoor grilling spaces have been around for decades, fully furnished outdoor kitchens have become much more popular over the last years and more and more home are considering building a new one or upgrading an existing one. But, before you dive into a big DIY project, there are a lot of questions to consider.



Wind In Our Hair – And Our Future

We get no broadcast, cable or satellite television at my homestead. Being in a cut-off cove in a sheltered depression on the southeastern slope of Mount Mitchell and smack up against the Blue Ridge continental divide (less than 5 miles uphill to the west), the “public airwaves” don’t reach us. Cable is never going to



Indoor Air quality – A Few Important Facts

IAQ or Indoor Air Quality controls the quality of air within a building that influences the comfort and heath of its inhabitants. Several stressors of energy or mass that affects your health, allergens, carbon monoxide and other chemicals constitute the IAQ besides bacteria, mold and other microbial contaminants. Researchers have revealed that the presence of


Storing Food

The Importance of Storing Food at the Correct Temperature

Storing food at the incorrect temperature not only causes it to spoil faster, but it can also result in food poisoning. For caterers, restaurants and commercial kitchens, storing food properly is essential, as salmonella and other bacteria can quickly form undetected, posing a huge threat to guests. Image Credit Food poisoning is most commonly caused