Lose Weight

5 Practical Reasons to Be Healthy and Lose Weight

Being healthy can help you avoid things like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to instill a sense of healthy living among the masses. In reality, there are several practical reasons you would want to practice healthier living. It can directly affect everything from your physique to your career. Saving Money on Groceries

summer home

Five Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside your Home this Summer

We’re now well into spring which means summer is indeed just around the corner and with it comes the better, warmer weather. This also means it’s time to start getting those jobs done you’ve been putting off; more specifically it’s a great time to start redecorating. So why not bring a touch of the outdoors

Square Footage

4 Unconventional Ways to Make More Out of Your Home’s Square Footage

If you’ve ever looked at a floorplan of an apartment or home, it’s easy to tell that in most cases the entire space is just a basic shape that has been cordoned off into separate rooms and living areas. It’s apparent that the appeal and design of any home is primarily influenced by the arrangement


solar energy

Give Your Home an Energy Makeover

What better way to start 2016 than by giving your home an energy makeover? If you’ve always wanted to embrace the green revolution but haven’t been sure where to start, this article is for you. It contains plenty of useful tips for revolutionising the way you use energy in your home – and the best



Indoor Air quality – A Few Important Facts

IAQ or Indoor Air Quality controls the quality of air within a building that influences the comfort and heath of its inhabitants. Several stressors of energy or mass that affects your health, allergens, carbon monoxide and other chemicals constitute the IAQ besides bacteria, mold and other microbial contaminants. Researchers have revealed that the presence of


Storing Food

The Importance of Storing Food at the Correct Temperature

Storing food at the incorrect temperature not only causes it to spoil faster, but it can also result in food poisoning. For caterers, restaurants and commercial kitchens, storing food properly is essential, as salmonella and other bacteria can quickly form undetected, posing a huge threat to guests. Image Credit Food poisoning is most commonly caused