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University of Gloucestershire

The Best in 2014: Best 10 IT exam vendors and Top 10 USA University IT programs

The Best in 2014: Best 10 IT exam vendors and Top 10 USA University IT programs

With the evolving nature of technology, the demand and value of IT certified professional increases as well. As the labor statistics suggest the IT technology and is expected to develop 22 percent and creating 758,800 job positions by 2020. Earning an IT degree not just enhances the skills and knowledge area of individuals but also

earth lodge

Earthlodge: The Original Sod Home

I read an interesting article on the “earthlodges” of Native Americans in the Dakotas the other day. I’d learned early in my life when the family moved from New York to “Indian Territory” – Oklahoma – that not all Native Americans lived in those portable teepee tents so prevalent on the plains. I knew the

safe home

Safe Talk: Security Tips for Home Owners

Long-gone are the carefree days when families could leave their homes for the day or the week without locking their doors. Burglaries have become so common that some families keep their doors locked all day long, even when they are home. Every year, there are approximately 2 million burglaries in the United States, which equates

Waterproofing Your Home

Fall Flooding Is Nobody's Plan—Be Prepared By Waterproofing Your Home

The change of seasons from summer to fall is a beautiful time of year. Yet for the people of Halifax and the rest of Nova Scotia, this climate change is cause for worry. The rising and lowering tides of the nearby Atlantic Ocean means that suddenly your basement is cause for concern. All homeowners should


Don't Let Damaged Property Become A Disaster—Use A Restoration Company

It’s no secret that real estate can be a lifetime investment. However, we live in an unpredictable world, and one can never anticipate a major disaster or accident. Fire, flood and water damage are the main risk factors that influence property devaluation, and so should be considered carefully when protecting your home or workplace. If