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roof cellar

Green Thumb Alert: Building A Root Cellar In Your Basement

Green Thumb Alert: Building A Root Cellar In Your Basement

For the keen green thumb or suburban home farmer, a root cellar may be the ideal DIY project. Used originally in country manors of days gone by, a root cellar creates a naturally cold environment in order to preserve fruits and vegetables throughout the year – essentially the first fridges. A root cellar is particularly

Five Hour Energy Reviews

Not having enough energy is a top complaint among adults. There can be medical causes of low energy levels, so it is important to visit your doctor to rule out a health related reason for chronic low energy. In most cases, otherwise healthy adults find they are lacking sufficient energy for a variety of reasons.

car paining

How to Safely Spray Paint a Vehicle

When it’s time for your car or truck to get a new paint job, you have two basic choices. Either you can take it to an auto body shop to have a professional paint job done or you can do it yourself. In recent years, most likely due to the recession, more and more people

Garage Door

The Garage Door Isn’t Closing Fully!

Oftentimes, home owners realize that their garage door isn’t closing fully. This is a common complaint from many home garage owners, so let’s find out why this is happening. Here are some of the commonest causes. Obstructing objects in between the sensor’s beam Objects blocking the beam from the sensor are some of the commonest