Prepper vs. Survivalist Mindsets


How would you heat your home if a snowstorm tore through your area leaving the power lines down? What would you eat if truckers were on strike and there was no food available at the grocery store? Could you survive for a week if you ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere? If your hometown were hit by an asteroid and you were the only person alive for hundreds of miles, do you have the skills to reach civilization?

A Preparation Mindset

If you could answer any of these questions positively, then it’s likely that you have a preparation mindset. You may have thought about situations that could easily threaten your current lifestyle, such as the loss of a job, severe physical injuries or destructive storms if you live in tornado country. Maybe past experiences have given you cause to be prepared. Today, there are two descriptions for people with the tendency to prepare for possible scenarios: prepper and survivalist. If you answered the first two questions positively, you may have been described as a prepper. If you answered the second two questions positively, you may be a survivalist. What are the similarities and differences between the two?


The term “preppers” is used to describe those people who believe that there are real threats to their livelihood and that they’d better do something about it. These people may stock up food, grow their own fruits and vegetables while saving seeds for the future, plan for home security and save many gallons of water. These people may have long term plans for a major disaster or could be preparing for a short term power outage. Today there are a number of vendors who offer prepper food that is convenient to store and fairly easy to use if and when a disaster did take place. This might include buckets of powdered eggs or hard wheat and beans.


Survivalists have a similar desire to prepare for future events, but with a little different outlook. These people spend time learning how to survive without access to food and shelter. They study ways to locate and purify water. They practice skills that would allow them to find food if they were in a primitive environment. These people may spend time enduring hardships in the wilderness to test and strengthen their ability to survive with minimal access to supplies and other people. If you were to purchase survivalist foods, you may have dehydrated meats and MREs.

A Combination of Attributes

It is possible that people can be both survivalists and preppers. For example, people who have experienced natural disasters or a loss of income for an extended amount of time may have plans for surviving without support from others that include storing food and knowing how to create a fire from basic supplies. If you’ve put money away in a savings account without a specific goal in mind or created an emergency kit for your car, then you’ve taken steps towards a prepper or survivalist lifestyle.

Do You Consider Yourself to Be a Prepper or Survivalist?

If you consider yourself to be a person who prefers not to rely on others, then you may appreciate learning more about survivalist and prepper lifestyles. Things in your life could go bad for a variety of reasons, but with a bit of reasonable preparation, it may be easier to weather the storm.

Easy DIY Disaster Survival Tips

People are always telling us to be prepared. Be ready for the unexpected! But the truth is, when unfortunate circumstances like natural disasters take place, we aren’t as prepared as we should be.

Whether you live in an area where winters are extremely rough or hurricane season exists, you should try to come up with a plan in order to get ready for a potential disaster. It will pay off if you know how to work with limited resources if Mother Nature takes a turn for the worst. Check out these DIY Disaster Survival tips from Equipsupply and learn how to create your own toilet paper heater, water purifier, and milk jug lamp.


Smart Ways To Save Money When Hiring A Home Builder

Hiring a home builder is a really serious investment. It means you are serious about building something awesome and you are surely interested in gaining as much as possible from the money you spend. As with every large project out there, you surely want to save some money if this is possible. We have to say that there are different ways to be able to do exactly that. Thanks to the advice of an experienced Idaho home builder, here is what you have to remember about the topic.

Lower Prices By Doing Some Work Yourself

The home builder will offer a price tag that will include basically all the work that is to be done. If you help and you do some work after yourself, it is completely on you. In fact, many of the serious builders will not even want to let you do that after the contract was signed since it is their responsibility.

If you know that you can do some parts of the project yourself, you want to mention this fact. Talk with the home builder and lay down exactly what responsibilities exist for every single party. See what the builder builds and what you build. Make sure that everything is included in the contract you sign so that you can be covered.

Such a negotiation can include many discounts you will want to take advantage of. Obviously, saving opportunities depend on what you can do and what will do.

Pay Per Project, Not Per Day

In many cases we see that the homeowner agrees to a project payment structure based on a per day schedule. This is a bad idea because you will surely end up paying more for the overall project. What you want to do is get an estimate on the entire project cost. Then you discuss in how much time it should be completed.

The problem with per day payments is twofold. For starters, the workers will not be as fast as they could be as they are interested in making the project longer. Secondary, delays can always happen. If a problem appears, it means that you will end up paying more than you should for the project.

Get Estimates From Other Builders

Prices can vary a lot from one builder to the next since this is dependent on the connections that were established in the past. Because of this, you do want to get estimates from more reputable builders. When you negotiate prices, do be honest about a better deal that was offered by someone else. The builders do not mind that as long as the data you mention is correct.

Have The Builder Visit The Site

The best estimates are offered after visiting the site of the project. You want to do this and you want to discuss details while you are there, not at an office. Believe it or not, this is going to lower the price tag of the entire process. It is something that happens without any person realizing it.

How To Smartly Deal With Legal Problems

Sooner or later we all end up faced with some legal problems we need to deal with. Maybe there are some debts that we forget to pay or someone sues because of a random reason. Whenever something bad happens and there is a legal implication, you need to be smart about the entire situation. We talked to family lawyer Tad Nelson to discuss some of the most important things you have to be aware of. With this in mind, always think about the following.

Never Act In The Heat Of The Moment

Most people do not know much about the laws that apply in specific situations. That is completely normal. What is not normal is making a decision without having the necessary knowledge to be sure it is the proper one. You have the right to have an attorney present so you want to take it.

Decisions that are made in the heat of the moment are normally really bad. They can have a strong negative impact on the outcome of the entire situation. Ask for time to make decisions, no matter what you are asked to do! There is always time available.

Do Not Postpone Establishing Contact

Another really bad move would be to try to postpone the process or to try to get some time without a good reason to do so. For instance, let us say that you have an overdue loan payment and you are contacted to discuss about the situation. If you do not answer the phone and you avoid the collectors you are labeled as problematic. All the future decisions will be made with this label and they will not be in your best interest.

Never Lie To Your Lawyer

It is the job of the lawyer to protect your interests and help you end up in the best possible scenario. The problem in many cases is that people do not trust lawyers. They will lie when the attorney has just the interest of helping the client. Always answer every single question truthfully. Remember that your attorney will not be allowed to discuss what you said to him so do not worry about admitting to anything wrong you may have done. It is better that the attorney knows from the start so a proper defense can be built.

Do Not Lie To The Authorities

In an attempt to get rid of a legal problem people tend to lie to the authorities. Unfortunately, in most cases they are caught. You have to answer the questions that are posed. However, this does not mean that there is no protection available. It is your right to have an attorney present whenever you talk with the police. Use that right. Even if you did nothing wrong, something that you say may lead towards the authorities thinking you did something wrong.

On the whole, whenever faced with legal problems it is a really good idea to talk with an attorney that is specialized in the branch of law that is discussed. That is normally the best thing that you can do.

Use a Payment Calculator to Be a Smarter Home Owner

home owner

It seems like a long time ago that someone wishing to purchase a home simply walked into a lender’s office, started the process by providing some basic information, and walked out with a figure that represented the monthly mortgage payment.

Times have changed, thanks to the technology that allows individuals to do much of the figuring for themselves. No longer do they have to depend solely on the numbers provided by the one or two lenders they could visit in their town. Now, when a property owner is thinking about buying a new home or refinancing the mortgage on a current home, he or she can use an online calculator to put the information at his or her fingertips.

Comparison Shopping

Perhaps the key benefit of this technology is that it provides the opportunity to compare loan options, which means making smarter choices on everything financial. Here are a few examples of what you can accomplish on your own with a reliable online mortgage payment calculator:

  • Monthly payment amount
  • Total interest for the entire loan
  • The effect of different interest rates
  • Which type of mortgage would be best
  • Whether you should refinance or stay with what you have

You can use technology to determine basic items such as the monthly payment you will make based on different principal amounts and various interest rates. You can determine whether you should buy a particular property, choose another, or if you should just rent. When you do a few basic calculations you could determine which path is best at this time in your life.

You can calculate the numbers for refinancing your current property and even determine points that you may want to pay up front to lower your monthly amount. With some online calculator programs, you can even figure out how much making extra payments will affect your loan.

Basic Information Required

When you are ready to try a mortgage calculator, be sure you have some basic information at hand including the loan amount (or total you want to refinance), the interest rate, and the number of years over which you will repay the loan (the term). Of course, you can input different amounts for each of these areas to do some comparison shopping at your leisure.

If the calculator you will use is for a specific purpose, you will probably realise that at the start. This is especially true for refinancing where you will need the original loan amount and rate, along with some idea of how you want to refinance. You can make an educated guess and fine tune the numbers as you go.

When you go through the process, pay particular attention to the monthly cost, the total cost over the full period of the loan, and what is called the break-even point. A good calculator can show when the amount you save equals the money that you had to spend to get the loan in the first place.

If you plan to use this method to become more informed, you should still talk with someone about your plans and the numbers to make sure they will work for you.

Finding Your Dream Home


If you are on a quest for your dream home and you want to pull out all of the stops, you need to take your time as you look at all of your options. The real estate market is flooded with opportunities. If you are going to make a substantial investment in a luxury home that is the top of the line, you aren’t going to go with the first thing you see. You need to be strategic. Think about where you want to live, what is important for you when it comes to the surrounding community, and exactly what you are looking for in a piece of property. The home has to be irresistible, a place that invites you back at the end of every day and is the envy of all others.

Enlist the Aid of a Real Estate Agent You Can Trust
While it is true that you can search on your own for an amazing property, it can feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. A competent real estate agent can help you to narrow down your options by considering what you want in a home and sharing possible listings with you. You’ll also have the advantage of arranged tours of the property to take the guess work out of the process. Once you’ve seen the property for yourself, you will be able to make your final decision about what is right for you. Ask your agent to line up several tours in a day so that you will be able to compare while each location is fresh in your mind.

Consider the Cream of the Crop
If you want a luxury home for sale mchenry county illinois, you have to see a French country chalet in Crystal Lake IL that will make you feel like you live at a resort. Open the door to possibilities when you see five bedrooms and six baths, not to mention the spa, patio, and decks. You can have a beach with a beach house and access to the golf course that borders your property. The upstairs includes a rec room with a kitchenette and bathroom, offering you ideal space for a meeting room or a home office that offers you all of the amenities you need without leaving the premises. Once you’ve seen a location like this, you can set the bar high. Your quest may finally be over.