Boys Will Be Boys

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Teen boys often desire their own space designed in a way that is functional and that expresses what they are interested in at the time, such as video games or sports. There are a few ideas that you can discuss when you get a free home renovation quote from a remodeling company. The company can give you ideas on the kinds of furniture to add and if there are any additions that you can make in the room to give more storage space and more function at the same time.

For the sports teen who either enjoys watching or playing, consider transforming the room into an area that displays a variety of sports accessories. If the teen plays any kind of sport in school, make an area where ribbons and trophys can be displayed. This could be an area over the bed or above a desk. You could also display some of the equipment that is used in each sport on the wall so that it has a fun look instead of one that is simply decorated with posters and accessories. Balls could be encased in a plastic box and displayed on a shelf so that they can easily be seen when entering the room.

The music lover might enjoy a design on the wall of a favorite instrument or posters of a favorite singer or band. Add bedding that refers to music and colors that one might find at a concert. An idea is to add a disco light to give a bit of color to the room, making it feel like the teen is at a concert instead of in an ordinary bedroom. An end table with a light inside will look like a glowing block and have enough space for headphones, pictures and an alarm clock.

Sometimes, boys don’t like one specific thing, such as music or sports. You could hang lights above the bed, a few different pictures on the walls and bedding that is in a neutral color so that they room can easily be changed in the future to reflect the personality of the teen as he gets older.

How to decorate your home this season and save money

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As the seasons change it’s always nice to give your home interior a bit of an update, as we leave behind the summer tones and head into warmer, cosier designs. You find yourself spending more time indoors over winter which means it’s a good idea to give your interiors a bit of a life, but without spending lots. This Autumn/Winter My Voucher Codes have put together their trend predictions for the next seasons and tips on how to get the designer interior look without spending lots of money.

Colour Trends

This season colour trends you want to be looking at dark moody colours such as shades of grey, dark rich blues and natural tones. Look at painting feature walls to make a statement, or if you’re brave why not try and paint your room all a dark colour for a warm and inviting space.

Adding colour

Against dark and natural background, pops of colour are a great way to make a bold statement. With accent walls, bright furniture, throws and cushions and ornaments. Little additions won’t break the bank.


Who needs new furniture when there are lots of fabulous antique pieces ready to be upcycled? Make use of new and intriguing colour ranges now available for furniture, a tired old pine dresser can easily be given a lick of paint and made into something new and fabulous for your house.

Retro styles

Following on from upcycling is the increased interest in retro technology as home design accents, such as vinyl players, typewriters and retro games consoles. However you can also buy new technology in retro styles if you maybe want something cutting edge but still with great classic style.

Money saving tips

  • Use an online paint calculator to make sure you have enough for the room and a bit left over
  • Store any leftover paint in a cool dry place with the lid firmly in place so use again
  • Make your own quilts, using leftover material or clothing that can make great family memories
  • Check out local auctions or car boot sales for older furniture to repurpose, or online auction listing sites and Facebook pages.
  • Buy new technology for your home during sale periods such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and before major sporting events.
  • Look in your loft, any old decorations you can repurpose or sell?

You can read more details here.

Factors You Want To Consider When Looking For A Great Home Builder

Whenever looking for home builders there are many things that can be taken into account. Unfortunately, we are faced with many companies that offer such services. In many situations companies are not as great as they advertise themselves to be. It is quite important to be careful and patient. The best Meridian home builder is the one that has experience and that can guarantee that the project will go as planned. However, finding that best home builder can be tricky. Here are those factors that you should always take into account and that will help you to make the best possible choice.

Past Experience

This is always the very first thing you will want to take into account as you make your list of considered home builders. The problem is that many just look at for how much time the builders have been building homes. This is not enough. What you have to do is focus on those home builders that have a high experience in the exact type of home you are looking for. For instance, if you want a small wood home, the builder that is specialized in much larger concrete based buildings is not a good choice.

Ask for information about past projects finished. This will help you to see if the home builder has the necessary experience and if the work done is as great as possible. Have patience and always take as much time as necessary in order to analyze past works done by the builder. This will give you a pretty good indicator if the firm should be considered or not.

The Prices You Pay

The amounts that you are required to pay are definitely really important for every single possible client. A huge mistake is going after the firm that offers the lowest prices. This is a mistake because low prices almost always mean a much lower quality than what could be offered. These are firms that basically use low quality materials or do not care that much about security or other necessary factors for a home building project.

You should also understand exactly what you are offered for the money you are about to pay. In the event that you will have to deal with some extra payments in the future since the costs do not cover some things, problems will appear.

Arranging Face To Face Meetings

It is so easy to make up your mind before you even meet a representative of the home builder. This is not something that you should do. What is vital is being 100% sure that you are going to first meet with a representative. This is because you surely need to ask some questions. At the same time, you can assess whether or not the builder can be trusted by the interaction that appears with that representative. Always talk about the contract and be sure that you are careful with what is offered and what is not. This face to face meeting is that little extra that will help you to make a correct choice.