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Outdoor Steel Pergola Designs for Shaded Seating In The Garden

Outdoor Steel Pergola Designs for Shaded Seating In The Garden

When you think of your garden or backyard space utilization, it is natural that you think of how you can comfortably relax in it. Your garden feature in landscaping will certainly have the utility units that together with natural surroundings make it not just beautiful, but stylish too. The outfits and designs of your garden

Pruning Grapes and Fruit Trees

It’s into February now – the longest month of the year psychologically, so the shortest month numerically – and pruning the fruit trees and grape vines is the name of the game in my region. Even as we’re facing yet another nasty winter weather ‘event’, this one scheduled to dump a foot or two of


Antioxidants vs Radiation: Lemon Balm!

Most of us who are committed to the homesteading lifestyle are committed because we perceive the value of living closer to the earth, taking responsibility for ourselves per the ‘conveniences’ of life, and care a great deal about the general health and well-being of ouselves, our families and our communities. A lot of us grow


Mid-Winter Thoughts: A Continuum of Consciousness

Is Consciousness a Universal Aspect of Life? Many years ago, when I was harvesting peppers and tomatoes in my very first yard-garden soon after my husband got out of the navy, a friend and I got into a discussion about the then-current ‘fad’ of talking to plants (and playing them good music) on the assumption

Killed a Rattlesnake This Morning…

Just a bit of Father’s Day excitement here on the ‘stead, where this morning Sirius the Cat was seen stalking a slithery something in the jasmine growing along the garden fence next to the gateway. Here in the highlands of the Blue Ridge – we are about 4 miles as the eagle flies from the