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Safety level of a scientific lab

Safety level of a scientific lab

Direct exposure to infectious agents in an enclosed laboratory can cause infections, which may be fatal in some cases. Biosafety is a protection measure adopted by scientists to counter the outcome of accidental infections in a laboratory. The adequate safety measures observed not only protect the scientist themselves but also the general public in cases

Eco Friendly Ways to Use

Eco-Friendly Ways to Use Technology

Technology is a huge part of everyone’s day to day life. Technology has changed the way a lot of people lead their lives, and for many people, going even a day without technology would be very stressful. Even though technology may seem to make everyone’s lives better, there are some downfalls to being a technology


How Swedish Cities Stay Warm With Renewable Energy

A number of Swedish municipalities are arguably leading the world in environmentally-friendly heating. Heat and power production in such cities is combined with district heating systems to provide affordable, ecologically-sound heat for citizens. District heating systems tend to use heat from renewable energy sources, which is then piped through the city for homes and other

Natural Car Cleaners

Cars are constantly in need of a good cleaning, even if you are meticulous about keeping it spotless. With more environmental awareness being spread throughout the world, from things like paperless insurance statements to reusable air filters, it’s no wonder that there has been a higher demand for natural cleaners for cars. Whether it’s the

Old Crafts as New Careers

I recently met a wise 70 year old man from my hometowm who raises Oxen. He also builds log cabins… using no modern technology. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. On a cold day recently we sat next to a fire in one of the log cabins on his property. The fireplace