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Develop a Green Attitude

Our world is filled with a variety of vital and essential natural resources. However, if we don’t begin to take more of an active interest in how we treat them we won’t be able to continue to enjoy our beautiful natural resources. Luckily, it doesn’t take a whole lot to develop a green attitude when


Aerosol can disposal: Being careless about this will not help

There is a valid reason why users are advised against dispensing their aerosol cans arbitrarily. The aerosol cans contain gas or liquid propellants which are packed under pressure. There is every chance of these propellants exploding when exposed to heat. This may end up hurting the landfill workers as well. So, when you are throwing


Don't Let Damaged Property Become A Disaster—Use A Restoration Company

It’s no secret that real estate can be a lifetime investment. However, we live in an unpredictable world, and one can never anticipate a major disaster or accident. Fire, flood and water damage are the main risk factors that influence property devaluation, and so should be considered carefully when protecting your home or workplace. If

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How Businesses Can Save Money – and the Planet

All business owners have two main objectives to try and stick to in order to keep the business going and their investors and shareholders happy – to make money, and to save money. There is a very fine line between making an educated decision over how to take the company forwards through spending, and investing

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Great Ways to Make Money From Your Unwanted Tech

Every tech fan loves getting a new gadget. Whether it’s a new smartphone, tablet computer, laptop, even something really futuristic likes Google Glass – it doesn’t matter, gadgets are the coolest things in the world. The problem is, once you’ve got them and something new comes along or the manufacturers decide to release a new

A Timber Business That Doesn’t Cut Down Trees

In my very rural neighborhood with lots of small-acreage homesteads that have been going for generations, there is a lumber mill. Belongs to a neighbor, mostly just a big-timber circular saw and carriage under a sturdy roof with no walls, stacked hardwood logs he and his several sometimes/part-time workers have salvaged from acreage nearby being