Preventing and Treating Mold in the Home


When you hear about mold, an involuntary shiver of fear may take hold you, yet you may not truly believe that this could be a problem in your home. Perhaps you live in a newer home or clean your home regularly. This could lead you to mistakenly believe that you will never have an issue with this concerning spore.

Mold can cause a variety of issues in the home, from musty odors to allergies. In fact, it is a major cause of allergic reactions and respiratory issues. Equally concerning is the fact that mold can totally destroy home fixtures, such as drywall and carpeting, if it is left for too long.

Mold spores are a part of nearly every indoor environment no matter how clean it is. While mold spores may exist, they do not have to take hold and grow. The best way to prevent mold spores from becoming a serious problem is to control moisture in your home.

First, be sure that the humidity level in your home is low enough to prevent mold growth. Most homes benefit from humidity levels between 40 to 50 percent. Your home may have a built-in ventilation system that automatically controls humidity. If it does not, you may want to purchase a hygrometer to test the humidity level in a particular room of your home.

Second, if you determine that your humidity level is too high, find some ways to decrease it. You may want to purchase a dehumidifier, which will pull moisture from the air and collect it. You should make sure that each of your bathrooms is vented and that you have a vent over your stovetop to remove steam when cooking. Never put away moist laundry, and give wet towels plenty of space for drying in the kitchen and bathrooms. A simple increase in the amount of ventilation in your home can also decrease the chance for mold growth. During the winter, a well-insulated home can prevent mold growth from condensation on windows, doors, roofs and walls. Finally, be sure that rainwater is being directed away from your home to prevent wet walls and floors in your basement. Any standing water in your home could be a source of mold in the future.

If you do notice a spot of mold growing in your basement, your bathroom, your cooling system or some other location, you must get rid of or control the source of moisture that is causing this issue in order for treatment to be truly effective. Once you have determined the cause of the excessive moisture, determine if it is an area that you can clean yourself. If the moldy area is over 10 square feet or if it has been caused by major flooding, you will want professional help. Many restoration companies provide mold remediation services for safely removing mold and preventing future mold growth.

However, if you believe you can treat the area yourself, you will want to wear a protective device across your nose and mouth to prevent allergy associated with inhaling mold spores. Then, determine how to treat the area. The easiest areas to clean are hard surfaces. On these, you can simply use water mixed with detergent or a safe amount of bleach to kill and remove the mold. Other cleaning chemicals that can be used include vinegar, borax and ammonia. Baking soda can help to deodorize a moldy area. Always be sure to ventilate the area you are cleaning adequately so as not to inhale chemical fumes. If mold is found on soft, absorbent surfaces, you may need to remove and replace the materials. This could be true for carpeting, upholstery, drywall and ceiling tiles.

While mold can be a distressing problem in the home because it can ruin many surfaces and cause health concerns, it can be safely cleaned up and removed in most cases. Removing sources of moisture in the home is of primary importance. However, if you have any lasting issues or problems in cleaning large areas, you will want to hire professionals. Take a look around your home today to see if you may have a moisture or mold issue.

Getting Your Business Off The Ground Through Marketing


When your business involves any kind of truck or cart, you need to think more about the type of marketing that you use compared to what you might use for a brick and mortar store. Setting up marketing carts often means displaying information in short and simple words that are easy for customers to see as they are walking past your cart. You also need to think about the target audience that you’re marketing to based on where you’re selling for the day. A benefit of a mobile business is that you can set up your business in more areas of the city than if you had a business in a store, allowing you to reach a large variety of customers.

Choose the location where you’re advertising carefully. Don’t set up a cart in an area where there are other carts or trucks. There will be more competition, which means that it might be difficult to establish your business. Find locations where there are large groups of people during the day, such as outside of colleges or government buildings. You could also set up your cart outside of medical offices and hospitals. Offer items that customers will enjoy and that will give them the energy that they need to get through the rest of the day. Coffee or tea are ideas to consider, but you need to make sure you’re offering a variety of these products instead of just one or two flavors.

Send flyers out to let people know that you’re open for business. Don’t include a lot of details or paragraphs on the flyer. Instead, use bright colors and large font to quickly grab the attention of the people who read your flyers. You should also consider offering coupons and discounts as a way to market your items, especially when you’re getting started in the business. You can also market your company on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. Offer a few giveaways during the first few weeks that you open your business as a way to give customers an idea of what you have to offer.

Enjoying The Outdoors In A Screened Environment

A screen enclosure offers a way to enjoy the outdoors without all of the insects and other issues that you experience while sitting on your deck or patio. Companies that install screen enclosures in Jacksonville can offer suggestions about the best way to place the screens to provide the most coverage and to enhance the image of the outside of the home. You’ll have more usable space for your home instead of entertaining or spending time with family or friends in rooms of the house. An enclosure also increases the value of the home if you think about selling in the future. You can leave sliding doors open to allow a fresh breeze to flow through the screened-in area. Install a porch so that you can enjoy the deck or patio when it’s raining because of the screens that are in place.

If you have pets inside the house, then you know that they usually want to go outside at some point. A screened enclosure allows you to let your pets go outside for fresh air without going off the porch. You can also let your kids play in the screened-in room if they don’t want to play inside all the time. The screens give you an area of the home to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and cool breezes that flow through without worrying about being bitten by insects. It also keeps pests off of your porch that might get into your trash cans or that might damage the items that you have outside the house.

A screened enclosure offers shade on a sunny day while keeping the area cool so that you don’t have to spend your summer season indoors. You can sit outside while your kids or pets play in the yard, watching them from the protection of the screened environment while still being near them in case they need anything. If you install screens that are a dark color, then the enclosure can offer privacy from your neighbors while you’re sitting outside. You’ll be able to see outside, but other people will have a hard time seeing what you’re doing on the porch.

Get a Free Quote from DKI Services

DKI Services provides many services for homeowners that sustain property damage. This damage restoration company can also aid businesses with major structural problems and any property damage. The causes of home and/or business damage are many. Serious damage may be a result of a hurricane, snowstorm, powerful windstorm, tornado or just a severe thunderstorm. Other causes may include, hot-water heater burst and cracked or broken plumbing pipes. Any fire can destroy whatever is in its path. Even when the fire is contained, the soot debris and smoke odor can ruin anything, including precious mementos and favored furnishings.

Fires can cause major destruction to valuable belongings including homes or other structures. If a fire company responds, the huge amounts of water that they have to use can further the damage. This type of water damage can cause loads of problems and huge amounts of destruction to the home or business itself, and also to personal possessions. Sentimental items harmed by fire and smoke may be too ruined to save. This loss can be overwhelming and completely devastating for the property owners. These property owners will welcome the work that DKI Services will do.

Roofs and siding can be expensive to purchase. If the home or business owners does not have anyone capable enough to install these two exterior building important items, the overall cost just gets even higher. Damage to roofs and siding are often caused by major storms that produce high wind gusts. These storms may often develop hail which can land on buildings, homes and cars. Large hail is known to cause property damage as well as being a threat to human life. DKI Services knows how to handle these unexpected and forcefully damaging events. They have industrial worthy equipment that is ideally suited to this type of damage clean up.

Any property damage is unwanted at best. With severe damage to property, the repair is extensive and complicated. Home and business owners do not typically have the equipment, tools and the know how to get the damage resolved swiftly. Long delays in getting the damage reversed can mean less property that can be restored. Call DKI Services to remedy these wrecked properties. An experienced and highly-skilled contractor will take any and all steps necessary for a positive outcome. Their goal is to save any structure, beloved belongings and outdoor spaces including outside accessories.

When property owners choose DKI Services, they will get fantastic customer service. A representative is available to respond to any and all customer concerns, complaints or questions. These professionals are able to judge the damage scene, assess and build a forward going restoration plan. They will attempt to restore anything that was in contact with whatever caused the damage. This company is well-known in circles that involve property. Their mission is to respond fast to any help call. They will always use honest and understandable conversation with their customers. These are the ones that can get things accomplished in little time.

Some people have had bad experiences with contractors before. Get a quote from DKI Services when you need professionals to help any property damage issues. This company will not purposefully delay completion of the project. Nor will they tack on additional costs. Contact DKI Services soon.

Healthy Measures for Gaining Better Mental Wellness

Statistics show that almost 70 percent of the population suffers from at least one form of mental illness. Conditions like depression and anxiety are on the rise as people’s schedules become more hectic and more people feel like they are losing control over their personal and family lives.

When you feel yourself slipping into depression, anxiety, apathy, or other symptoms that signal the onset of mental illness, you may regain some sort of control and predictability in your life by undergoing professional counseling services. With counseling, medicinal support, and other types of therapy Philadelphia patients like you may feel better about your life and be ready to face each day better.

Individual Therapy

Depending on what symptoms you are suffering, you may benefit by undergoing individual sessions with a counselor. You may simply need to vent your frustrations, fears, and feelings of hopelessness to someone who has an objective viewpoint on the matters at hand.

Your therapist can give you holistic pointers on how to feel better about your life and yourself. If you need medicinal support, you may be prescribed antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications.

You may need to stay in therapy for several months or longer if your therapist recommends it. This continued support can help you avoid the symptoms of your mental illness and give you an empathetic place to vent away from your friends and loved ones.

Group Therapy

When you need group counseling, joint sessions, or sex therapy Philadelphia patients like you may want to go a counselor who is trained and ready to help couples facing unique and debilitating mental health conditions. You and your partner or spouse may no longer be aroused by each other. Alternatively, one of you may suffer from the issue despite the other person being interested in sex.

Your therapist can get to the root of the problem and help you move on after infidelity, lack of interest, fighting, and other problems. You may need to undergo numerous sessions before you and your spouse or partner start to feel connected to each other again.

The sessions can be scheduled according to your needs and schedule. You may start to feel better about your life and relationships in no time. You can also get the medicinal support and other services you need to be able to go back to a normal and productive life.

Three Fun and Easy Date Ideas

One of the hardest things about being in a long-term relationship is keeping the magic alive. Sometimes, keeping things interesting can be tricky or difficult. If you’re ready to re-ignite the passion in your relationship, it’s time to start dating again. Did you know that many couples choose to go on regular, scheduled dates together? This can be an incredible way to spend time together. If you have kids, busy work schedules, or a hectic lifestyle, finding the time to go out alone together can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. If you’re ready to start dating your partner again, there are three fun, easy dates you can take them on.

Go to dinner
Why not keep things simple and go eat seafood in Plano TX? You can your partner can enjoy a delicious meal while sharing stories and chatting with one another. Although going to dinner might seem like a simple date idea, the truth is that this is an affordable, relaxing way to spend time together. Chances are that going to dinner will bring back memories of when you first started dating, so why not try it out?

Go play a game together
If you and your partner enjoy gaming, you might try playing board games together. You can do this at home, of course, but there are also gaming cafes in many cities that offer tables and board games for visitors to play and enjoy. Why not visit a nearby gaming place where you and your partner can try out a new game?

Go to an event
Do you and your partner enjoy listening to music? What about seeing performances? If you’re looking for a fun date idea, you should consider going to an event together. You could visit a music event at a nearby lounge or something much larger, such as a music concert. Some couples enjoy going to plays or operas together. The options are endless, so when you’re ready to consider going on a date with your partner, an event just might be the way to go.

How to Make Your Home Feel a Little More Luxurious

Everyone wants their home to feel a little more luxurious, but how exactly can you go about doing that? On the one hand, you could try to just spend as much money as possible to make your house feel like it’s more expensive than it really is, but that’s not really a sustainable way of living. Instead, making smart purchases that add value to the home can oftentimes make it feel more luxurious than it really is, and it doesn’t have to involve you going bankrupt in the process. With that in mind, here’s a look at a few tips to improve the overall quality of your home, without making you break your entire budget.

Get a Wine Cooler

If you’re a wine enthusiast, then a wine cooler is a great way of displaying your collection to guests without remodeling your entire home to include a wine cellar. Plus, wine coolers have the added benefit of effectively maintaining themselves. Of course, if your wine cooler shuts down for some reason, then you can always contact a sub zero wine cooler repair service to take care of it and set you back on track. A wine cooler may not completely transform the feel of your house, but it can definitely help to make it feel like it has more history than just having a boring old refrigerator would.

Hang Your Television

It may sound strange, but it’s actually an incredibly simple touch that can transform a relatively innocuous appliance into something exciting. When you suspend your entertainment system from the ceiling, it has the added benefit of also being easily hidden when you’re not using it. If you’re someone who likes to make your home appear minimalistic, then this can be a great way to accomplish two goals at once. For everyone else though, suspending your television from the ceiling can be just a fun way to make your house feel different from all of the other ones on the block. And it could be argued that that is the central principle of being luxurious.

Everyone wants to feel like their home is their personal castle, and hopefully these tips will recreate that feeling in you. Regardless of whether you follow all of them, or just a couple of minor details, the point is to make your home feel like it’s yours. With the right commitment, and a positive attitude, you can transform your home into whatever you want it to be.

Develop a Green Attitude

Our world is filled with a variety of vital and essential natural resources. However, if we don’t begin to take more of an active interest in how we treat them we won’t be able to continue to enjoy our beautiful natural resources. Luckily, it doesn’t take a whole lot to develop a green attitude when it comes to how we live and how we dispose of things.

Don’t Throw That Away
Much of the trash that goes into landfills could be recycled. We often carelessly use products and toss them into the trash once they are empty. We do this without much thought as to how unnecessary landfill trash affects the universe. Sadly, our carbon footprint only gets bigger when we do this. However, if we’d spend just a little time thinking about alternative ways to approach waste we’d show the earth a little more love. Instead of throwing out that glass or plastic jar, set it aside for recycling. The same can be said about many other materials that we needlessly throw away. Contact your city waste management department and find out what’s recyclable and what’s not. It takes less than a minute to recycle something. However, those extra minutes do the world a huge favor.

Turn the Water Off
Do you really need to take that 30-minute shower? You probably don’t. Try to cut back on your water consumption by only using what you need. Turn faucets off and take shorter showers. There are many ways that you can think about reducing your water consumption when it comes to how you use water in your household. Luckily, you won’t have to do anything complicated like study fire damage restoration sarasota. All you need to do is become more mindful of how you use water in your household.

Turn off the Lights
Many of us use our lights even during the day light hours. Save electricity by letting the sun illuminate your home during the daylight hours. You’ll save money on your electric bill and do your part to reduce your electricity consumption.

Make the green lifestyle a habit by practicing green habits on a daily basis. Turn off the lights, recycle items that could be used again, and monitor your water and electricity consumption. These are all activities that are not time-consuming and don’t require a lot of thought. However, the benefit that these efforts will bring to the earth is countless. Take the first step toward reducing your carbon footprint.

Tips for Your Small Business Success

When you’re starting to operate your own small business, it can be a scary time. Starting a new small business is a very risky undertaking, with some statistics suggesting that half of all small businesses will fail in less than a year. At the same time, it’s exhilarating to be able to own your own business and be your own boss, especially if the field is something that is meaningful to you. You can help to avoid many of the mistakes small business owners often make by learning from all of the people who have come before you. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started on the road to success.

Get Resources from Reputable Providers

One of the easiest mistakes to make when you’re first starting out it to put your faith in the wrong people. This will cost you money in the long run while getting the necessary materials from a good provider will pay off. For example, if you need pressure treated wood poles for your business, choose a well-established provider like BW Pole. This way, you can be confident that your purchase will be worth the money you spend.

Make Connections with Your Community

No matter what area your new small business is in, take the time to get to know the people and businesses in your community. Reach out to your local chamber of commerce for suggestions about doing business in your area, events that you can attend, and opportunities to meet the movers and shakers in your town. You’ll also make new associations with people who can help your business succeed and give you advice about succeeding in your local area.

Hire Professionals When Necessary

When you’re starting out, it’s very tempting to do everything yourself so that you can save money. However, it’s important that you hire actual pros for some of the most important things for your business. Make sure that you have a lawyer look over all over your essential contracts, and hire an account that helps small businesses to look over your taxes and accounts. If you make a mistake with these sort of crucial areas, it can cost your small business big time.

Be Persistent

You can’t expect to have immediate success with your small business. Hard work and perseverance can make all the difference in the face of difficult challenges.

Eco Home Living – 6 Things You Can Do Today

eco home

You may get the impression that living eco-friendly at home might be expensive and time-consuming, however, there are many little things you can sort around the house in order to save you money and be more environmental. Here are 6 things you can do today.

1) Insulate

You should insulate your loft and fill any cavity walls with insulation also. This is the most practical and economical way to create an energy efficient home. Without insulation, half of the energy we use to heat or cool our homes may just leak out and go to waste. It will reduce your energy use and thus lower your carbon footprint, as well as save money on your energy bills.

2) Solar Panels

Solar energy is the future, and everybody should slowly gravitate towards using it for many different things. By doing this you will save a significant amount of money in the long run, and thankfully there is extremely minimal maintenance that is needed – they can last roughly thirty years without needing to be maintained. People worry what happens when there is little sun, that’s when solar batteries come in. You can get solar batteries capable of 13kWh capacity today which will keep your home running on those cloudy days.

3) Ditch Plastic

As you may know, plastic has become a huge issue lately, with more than 8 million tonnes of it being dumped into the ocean each year. Packaging accounts for over 40% of total plastic usage, so if you tried to drastically reduce purchasing of any bulky, over packaged items (or recycling ones that can be recycled) you will be helping a great deal. Stop buying plastic bottles and instead invest in a stainless steel one that you can take everywhere with you. You can quite easily make your home plastic free within a few weeks as there is usually a replacement for everything e.g. plastic containers can be replaced by glass containers, plastic straws replaced by glass or steel straws.

4) Energy Saving Bulbs

On average, lighting accounts for 10-20% of a homes electricity bill, however, this can be easily altered by switching to energy saving light bulbs. Energy efficient bulbs initially cost more than normal ones but they last longer, and also save you money by saving energy.

5) Go Electronic

Although we are in the age of the Internet, paper is still used a great deal and it is everywhere; it actually accounts for around 25% of landfill waste. Cutting down on your paper use at home, in general, is a great start, and then you could begin to file your taxes electronically and have tax forms and bank statements emailed to you instead of mail. As well as this you could switch to a Kindle reader as opposed to purchasing paper books.

6) Monitor Energy Use

Especially if you follow the advice in the previous tip it is also important to monitor our energy use nowadays; it’s easy to forget that you are costing money whilst casually watching TV, or doing work from home.  Digital displays that show your daily energy consumption are available in many places such as eBay and Amazon.

By using the 6 tips above, you can become more eco-friendly whilst saving money. It’s a win, win situation that you should start taking advantage of today.