The Meaning of Deep Clean: Power Washing your Home


The Power Behind Pressure Cleaning

Many homes can use power washing for several applications. Any homes with vinyl siding, for instance, can easily stand to have pressure cleaning performed on their siding material. It’s a fast, effective, and affordable way to make sure your home’s exterior is looking spotless. Have you noticed and stains or mold growing along your siding? Power washing will take that right off in front of your very eyes. The difference is remarkable. You can actually see the cleaning strip away any dirt, mildew, or even old paint. If that old shed is cracked and peeling, a simple power washing job can transform it into looking good as new. If you don’t like a certain paint color, use pressure cleaning to strip it right off. It also works on concrete, tile, glass, asphalt, and brick. Any solid, flat surface can be cleaned and end up looking as good as the day it was installed.


Power Washing Procedure

The process itself is fairly straightforward. The motor unit is hooked up to a regular garden hose, and then attached to the washer “gun” that sprays the water at a high pressure. Not only does this clean any surface, but the immense pressure will peel the dirt (or top layer of the material) right off. Most units are gas powered for convenience’s sake. The electrical variants tend to be more work, simply because there are more parts than can go wrong. Otherwise it’s just a matter of pointing the high pressure water nozzle at anything dirty for a night and day difference. Decks, patios, even ceramic planters can be taken care of and cleaned with ease. For extra cleaning power, use the soap dispensing function first, then switch to pressure washing. You can even adjust the nozzles for more power. No nozzle will turn the hose into a soap dispenser, forty degree nozzles are great for brushing back dirt. Twenty five degree angled nozzles are great for cleaning off sensitive surfaces. Fifteen degree nozzles will stubborn dirt stains, and lastly zero degree nozzles are the ultimate in cleaning. They will actually peel off caked on gum from an asphalt sidewalk.



Cleaning With Power and Precision

There’s no other method of cleaning that is so powerful right where you want it, when you want it. You can make your driveway, patio, or deck look brand new in a single afternoon. If you don’t like a coat of paint on your property, peel it right off and paint it again when it’s dry. Dirt and stains don’t stand a chance against a pressure cleaner. Have power washing done for your house and feel that peace of mind which comes from having a completely clean home. Nothing cleans more effectively than power washing.


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How to Professionally Clean Your Rental Home before Moving Out

If you are moving out of your rental home, you will want to clean everything to the highest standard in order to ensure you get your deposit returned. You will want to convince your landlord that you have kept his apartment in an excellent, and clean condition. Hiring a professional cleaner to clean the house can be an expensive investment and there are several ways to go about doing it yourself without having to put yourself out of pocket. This article explains how to professionally clean your rental home before moving out.

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You will want to make sure you take the time and effort to clean the inside, and outside of the windows throughout the house. Removing dust from the window sills and scrubbing the edges with an abrasive cloth, and cleaning solution can make a huge difference. You will be surprised at how bright and clean the house looks after the windows have been cleaned.


Be sure to leave your kitchen as clean as possible. This means making sure all appliances are left polished and you take the time to clean the insides of cupboards, doors, and the shelves.


Use an anti-lime scale cleaning product to clean and polish the taps and shower. Scrub the toilet and make sure there are no stains or dirty marks left there. Make sure the mirror is left clean and polish any tiles that are left on display.

Hardwood Floors

For hard surfaces in the house be sure to vacuum and mop them all with a disinfectant solution. A sweet smelling floor cleaner will help to leave a professional impression on the overall cleanliness of the house. If you are having trouble with getting any tough stains out you can remove stains by getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing with a strong solution.


When it’s time to clean your carpets you will want to consider renting a carpet cleaner. This can be cheaper than hiring a professional and really makes a huge difference. You may want to rent a steam carpet cleanerfrom a company like to do it yourself. When hiring, you will want to consult the company on which cleaning products are best for your specific carpet type.


You won’t believe how many small stains you can find on your walls such as grease, sweat marks and pencil stains. These can easily be removed with a little bit of washing up liquid and a soft brush or sponge. Don’t use anything too abrasive or you may risk chipping or damaging the paint work.

It may seem like a lot of work to put into a property which you intend to leave very shortly especially when your new home may need more of your attention. However taking the time to do the cleaning yourself can really help to leave your landlord with a solid impression of how well the house has been kept, and help you get your security deposit back.