Acquire wide range on Timber Supplies for your Building

If you are on a lookout for an excellent company to buy timber for your home or office to renovate your own home, you will need to locate an excellent timber supply company in order to get all the top quality material needed for the construction. You can make your home look chic with the help of the timber supplies as they are able to withstand all types of weather conditions and provide great amount of insulation and durability. Mentioned below are many factors that will help you in choosing your timber supply company:

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Reliability: This is an important factor which you should consider while looking for the timber supply company. This can be easily done by checking if the company is able to provide you with high quality products by which you can construct the products that you really want. You should be aware that timber is an expensive building material and you will be highly disappointed if the structures you build do not last long as anticipated. It becomes necessary for you to be choosy with the material you use and extra careful if you are constructing a structure for outdoors. This is why you will have to pay more for high quality materials but it is a better idea in the long run.

On time delivery: The Company from where you get your timber supplies should also be able to stick to all the schedules when you order products from them. You will undoubtedly come across problems if there is a delay in the items, and also if you are sent the wrong materials by mistake. It will also create financial impact if you have to pay a contractor for his time or even if you have to waste a lot of time waiting for the right materials to arrive. This is the reason why it becomes important for you to ensure that the company from where you purchase timber from has the requisite support to deliver the materials to you based on the schedule that has been jointly agreed upon.

Reputed company: You should deal with the popular timber supplies company since it will be this company that will offer you the widest possible range of timbers. Every wood has its own advantages and disadvantages, and this is why you might need to make your choice based upon the purpose that you are going to use the wood. The company chosen by you should be able to offer excellent customer service especially when you need help in choosing the appropriate timber from all the options that are available for you.

In order to locate the reliable timber supplies company, you can opt for these methods:

Internet: The Internet is an excellent way to search for timber merchants of great reputation; all you have to do is type on the net and select from the top ranking ones and also according to the reviews and testimonials written by other clients. On the internet you will find a lot of companies giving special offers or discounts. While checking you can also see whether you are getting a free delivery or you have to pay some charges for that.

Referrals: Taking help from referrals is also a good idea where you consult with your neighbors, friends and family for recommendations which will help you find the best timber company in your locality.

When you have a wide selection, it will help you to make the right choice for the purpose that you have in mind. So the next time when you go about looking for timber supplies, there are many professional and also reputed timber supplies companies you can contact so that you are able to get the best products at great prices.

Above Mentioned factors are that will help you in choosing your timber supply company. If you would like to know more than Visit our Timber page.

Earthlodge: The Original Sod Home

earth lodgeI read an interesting article on the “earthlodges” of Native Americans in the Dakotas the other day. I’d learned early in my life when the family moved from New York to “Indian Territory” – Oklahoma – that not all Native Americans lived in those portable teepee tents so prevalent on the plains. I knew the ‘civilized’ tribes of the southeastern United States were able constructors of log cabins for their permanent villages, and of course knew about those spectacular adobe pueblos in the southwest. And while I learned in junior high Oklahoma history about the sod-roofed shanties built by white settlers (and for which Oklahoma was famous), I’d never heard of earthlodges.

Earthlodges are large round structures from 20 to 50 feet in diameter which are built to be much more permanent than the yurts that basically amount to a Mongolian version of teepee for migratory people. Lots of people these days have deck-mounted yurts that are popular as camp cabins or gazebos, but they’re not really something stable or well-insulated enough to live in full time.

In contrast, the earthlodge is dug into the ground and framed with logs, covered with woven willow mats and then covered completely (except for a smoke hole in the middle of the roof) with mud and sod. Your basic hobbit house, but as its own hill rather than dug into a pre-existing hill. Of course, there are some modern earthlodge designs that combine aspects of natural landscaping and lodge building, which are actually quite nice if you don’t care much about windows. It would be quite easy to engineer one of these with skylights, so interior darkness can be alleviated.

earth lodgeThe original earthlodges were built communally, often housing between 15 and 25 people. They provided solid, very well-insulated shelter for harsh Dakota winters, and stayed naturally cool in hot Dakota summers. They lasted only as long as the palisade poles and main support logs lasted in the ground, about 7 to 10 years before they’d rotted enough to need replacing. Since it took only about a week for a group to construct an earthlodge from scratch, the old one would simply be torn down and a new one erected in its place. The old logs recycled into firewood made this village system quite efficient given that the Dakotas do not enjoy the thick, lush forests of the American southeast.

For a new homesteader looking for cheap, eco-friendly housing on a tract of raw land, it’s not difficult to see how the problem of ground-rot could be simply eliminated by seating the anchor and palisade logs in concrete. The thermal mass of palisade logs plus dirt/sod can be nearly warm in winter and cool in summer as 3-foot thick adobe walls. More modern – and fully waterproof – coverings take the place of those woven willow mats, and fewer palisade poles would allow for regular insulated walls or an opportunity to place windows and/or exits to porticos, or to build storage rooms or closets off the main structure. For a truly permanent structure, some research on new under-sod waterproof roofing material would probably be a good idea.

The niftiest thing about this kind of permanent shelter is that if your land is raw enough to need some clearing, the logs and poles can be taken as part of your clearing plans. These will have to be de-barked and dried above the ground, there are many good Do It Yourself books and plans out there for site-built log homes that have clear instructions on how to do this. If you’re planning to grow crops, the sod shouldn’t be hard to come by. Rather than a big central fire pit and large hole in the roof, a central wood stove with just a pipe running up through the roof will protect from the elements much better than the wicker baskets the Mandan people used to cover their smoke holes when it rained.

It also strikes me that the side walls could be constructed of straw bales and covered with mesh and stucco or adobe instead of mud and sod and still be as easy to heat and cool. Some may consider rock as well, if the land has an overabundance of those that need removing before crops can be grown. Any of these alternatives for some or all of the side walls would make for a very handsome home. The sod roof does have great appeal, I’ve always envisioned a hobbit house with wildflowers instead of just more grass to have to mow.

The interior, once you’ve got the central roof supports and planned your walls, can of course be framed and subdivided as you please for cooking sleeping and living areas, bathrooms and utility as you wish. The Dream Green link above also offers a plan for a ‘multi-lodge’ made up of several octagonal earthlodges connected to a front portico area. This idea offers the possibility for future expansion as the family grows.

So chalk this up as yet another eco-friendly green construction to think about if you’re new to homesteading or are planning to build more structures on your homestead than you’ve already got. A far less modern (more true to origin) version of earthlodge would make a very serviceable combo barn, root/wine cellar and tool/vehicle storage shed. For as long as you can keep the livestock from eating the walls and roof, that is.


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