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How Businesses Can Save Money – and the Planet

All business owners have two main objectives to try and stick to in order to keep the business going and their investors and shareholders happy – to make money, and to save money. There is a very fine line between making an educated decision over how to take the company forwards through spending, and investing

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Great Ways to Make Money From Your Unwanted Tech

Every tech fan loves getting a new gadget. Whether it’s a new smartphone, tablet computer, laptop, even something really futuristic likes Google Glass – it doesn’t matter, gadgets are the coolest things in the world. The problem is, once you’ve got them and something new comes along or the manufacturers decide to release a new

USDA: Sequester Impacts

We homesteaders are among the citizens who pay a good deal of attention to the programs and operations of both state and federal agricultural departments because they can directly affect us (for good or ill). We often make use of our state ag departments’ extension services for education in things like beekeeping, land use, community