4 Questions to Help you Design your Outdoor Kitchen

covered patio

Though outdoor grilling spaces have been around for decades, fully furnished outdoor kitchens have become much more popular over the last years and more and more home are considering building a new one or upgrading an existing one. But, before you dive into a big DIY project, there are a lot of questions to consider. Take some time to think about some basic questions and they can help you figure out exactly what will fit your and your family’s space and needs!


Who do you see using the space? An outdoor kitchen can be a great space to simply grill dinner for your family every so often or it can be an amazing entertaining space for having guests over. If you’re more of a people person, it might make sense to look at outdoor kitchens that are open and include some grill-side seating, along with space for tables or open space for standing. If you like to fly solo in the kitchen, you may want to use some of that space for extra counter space, appliances, or storage to really customize your grilling station.


More and more companies are creating appliances that can withstand all types of weather conditions specifically for outdoor kitchens. From hybrid grills that can accommodate charcoal and gas grilling to sinks, refrigerators, and even dishwashers, there are endless ways you can customize your space to be as much of a full kitchen as you want. But it’s important to think about what kinds of appliances you may want before you start designing and building your kitchen – some appliances may have specific electrical or water needs, or there may be certain building codes in your neighborhood that you have to follow. Incorporate the appliances you use often into your design plans, and note where there may be space for upgrading later.


If you already have an outdoor kitchen, you may not have as much choice about where to place your kitchen but you may still be able to move where particular appliances are. On the other hand, if you’re starting from scratch designing a new outdoor space, you’ll want to think about how the kitchen will fit within the rest of your outdoor space. Do you want guests to walk right into the outdoor kitchen space, or should it be set back from your house and a little bit of a removed space? Do you need to keep the seating area nearby to stay under the cover of a partial roof, or because you’ll need to carry dishes back and forth from inside to outside? All of these questions might help you imagine what your perfect space should look like.


Some outdoor kitchen projects can be easy, DIY projects, but for some projects you’ll need extra hands or potentially a professional’s opinion. Don’t be afraid to do your research and try your hand on some smaller projects but also don’t be afraid to consult local contractors if you need to. How much rebuilding do you need to do, and what other appliances do you need to buy? In addition, kitchens in general, and especially outdoor kitchens that require specific types of appliances are incredibly finance- and time-consuming. Before taking on a huge remodel, plan for the amount of time it’ll take and try to choose more budget-friendly options. Once you’ve really considered all of these questions, you’ll be much better prepared to create the perfect kitchen for your outdoor entertaining needs!


Garden Design in 2015 – Start planning now!

Its the start of a new year and with Christmas and the winter out of the way many are now waiting for summer. If you will be spending a lot of time in your home this year you might consider sitting outside in your garden and in which case it might be a great time to redesign your garden ready for the hot summer.


With planting, weather factors to consider and the time it takes to put together a plan for a garden the idea time is January should you have the budget after the festive period. Here are a few ideas of how you could redesign your outdoor space.

For some more inspiration see Leicester garden design services where you can see some of the creations that Groby Landscapes, who are a local landscaping company in the area have completed.

Add a bridge or water feature

Should you have water in your garden, whether it be a pond or water feature, you may consider building a small bridge to add a nice walkway to your outdoor area. Planning should start now with hiring a landscaping company that can plan this part of your garden and provide a schedule and the materials to ensure it is done for the summer.

Should you not have any form of water in your garden then you can always redesign your garden with a water feature in mind. These come in a variety of different styles, ranging from traditional Victorian looking features through to trendy looking designer water features. These can be bought via a garden center or installed by a landscaping company as part of a garden redesign project.

Decking and Fencing to modernise

If your garden is in need of sprucing up a great way to do this can be just by adding wooden structures. If your fence is wearing down then modern timbers can be used to add an updated look to your garden, this can also be extended to decking which can give you a great sitting area in the summer months.

Paving and Pathways

When you consider the other options for your garden and then add paving and pathways into the equation, without even going onto planting you can see how many options become available to you when having a garden designed. Paving can be an easy answer to how to fill your outdoor space without it requiring maintenance (to which artificial grass becomes yet another options!) Pathways to certain elements in your garden can really help to make it stand out – for example you can have a pathway leading from decking through to a garden shed, pond or other object of interest.

These are just some of the ideas you could use to create a great look for your garden in 2015 – the important thing is to know how to put them all together to get a great end product and for that we would highly recommend a professional and experienced garden designer that can often draw up a plan for you from the start so you can see your initial ideas become reality.